Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wednesday August 16th, 2006

Good Morning Kiran Chetry.

Looks like Kiran isn't awake yet.

"Speaking of baby bombs, you wouldn't believe what was in the baby's diaper this morning."

Kiran, thanks for the short skirt. That sure helps wake a guy up!

Hi E.D. Hill.

What, no morning smile?

That is better E.D.!

E.D. trying to recall how many children she has.

Hey E.D., the doctor called. He said you are pregnant again.

Just kidding. Calm down E.D.

The topic was about the planet Pluto, but the crew kept hoping E.D. would talk about Uranus.

They had an outside segment. We got to see some shots of E.D. but all the good shots were from too far away.

E.D. enjoys all games where she gets to play with a shuttlecock.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Good morning Kiran Chetry.

No, Kiran. Not over there. We are over here to your left.

Geeze, not that far to the left Kiran. Look for the red light. (lucky she is pretty)

Yes Kiran! That is right. Here we are.

Hey E.D. Hill, you bring your 'A' game this morning?

Oh yes, you did didn't you! Now you got to talk to the camera guy and get him to get closer next time. Nice legs E.D.!

Yeah E.D., it is kind of scary the dumb things that Brian says.

See E.D. run. Run, E.D., run!!

Why was E.D. running? Who cares? It is fun to watch.

Nice profile E.D.! Your not just a hot set of legs.

E.D. proves she is hot from all 360 degrees.
Now that is "The End"!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday, August 14th, 2006
The start of the week and word must be getting out about this blog.
Gretchen Carlson wanted to be on the blog so bad she got up early and worked for Lauren.

Good Morning Kiran Chetry.

What a big pretty smile so early in the morning.
How do you do it Kiran?

Oh, lots and lots of coffee!

E.D. Hill showed up for her first time (on the blog) with a big smile!

E.D., Kiran and Alisyn over the weekend set the babe factor bar mighty high. What you got for us?

OH! Ok, E.D. that nice big leg cross puts you on the hot babes of F&F list!

Oh, so you are happy that this blog says you're a hot babe? I thought so!

They had a cracker eating contest this morning between E.D. and a guy from the audience outside. At one point Brian ask E.D. if she was really swallowing or faking it.
So, E.D. is that the first time a guy has ever ask you if you really swallow?

Yeah, that is what we thought. LOL
SUNDAY, August 13th, 2006
Time for another morning of the pretty ladies on Fox & friends Weekend.

Good morning Kiran Chetry!

Good morning to you too Alisyn Camerota, I didn't forget you!

It is Amy Kellogg from London stoping in to say 'Hi!' to the blog.

Amy always wanted to be Mary Poppins.

I think we are supposed to be looking at the model's hat.

Look at the picture again. Really she is wearing a hat. Keep looking... a little higher... yeah now you see the hat!

Page Hopkins wants to be on the blog too, but she thinks she needs to be the serious news woman.

Now Page is smiling, that is better!

Come on Kiran, smile for us like Alisyn is.

Yes Kiran, a nice big smile like that!

Yes Alisyn, you have a big pretty smile too!

Alisyn had a flashback to the day she thought she was on broadway in 'Cabaret' instead of hosting F&F.

That is it Alisyn, sell it! With those legs no one will notice if you hit a sour note!

And the big finish!!

Alisyn decides to never mix her drinks again the night before she has to work on F&F.
Saturday, August 12th 2006
I've been watching FOX & friends on Fox News for a while and noticed they sure got themselves some of the prettiest, nicest and smart ladies on tv. I thought it was about time to make a blog showing them off some.
Hey Kiran Chetry, What you think of an idea of a blog about you and the other ladies on F&F?

Looks like Kiran thinks it is a good idea.

Hey Alisyn Camerota, What you think of the blog idea?

Guess Alisyn wants to think it over some.

Time to talk about the news, but still look pretty.

Hey, it is a new show, "Kiran in the Kitchen"

Guy thinking, "Must not look, must not look"

Smile for the camera!

Janice Dean wants to be on the blog too!

More talking, smile pretty.

Tool time segment on Fox & friends. Think that guy has trouble keeping his mind on what he is talking about?

Kiran loves her power tools.

Something is different but I can't quiet put my finger on it.

Kiran Chetry or Groucho Marx?

Kiran once shot an elephant in her nighty! What the elephant was doing in her nighty she will never know.

Alisyn doing her impression of Charlie Chaplin.

Wasn't Charlie Chaplin known as "The Little Tramp"? Alisyn, don't worry, this blog doesn't think you are a tramp.

Kiran, did you like the first blog?

Judging by that smile I think Kiran had fun!

Ok Alisyn, you had time to think it over. What do you think?

I think Alisyn liked it too!!